Stories for People in Love

    This is the greatest day of your life! So much planning and energy went into putting it together, and your wedding film should reflect that: a stunning story of two madly-in-love individuals vowing to spend forever together. Weddings are a celebration of love and it's our privilege to tell the stories as they are. To show those raw emotions between the couple and their family and friends. Our approach is to bring out that authenticity. We capture real moments as they actually happen. We do this by keeping things really simple and relaxed. With our team, your wedding will be a warm, light-hearted environment. As we start filming, we want you to forget that we’re even there. Focus on yourselves and really embrace that love that you have for each other.


    We are camera ninjas! You'll hardly notice us floating around while you two are being adorable, capturing all those little candid moments you missed the first time. The entire team has a passion for capturing the story of each wedding! We love being inspired by your unique personalities. Each couple and every wedding is different and we want to hear about your story!



"Working with Aimshir Productions was fantastic! 
The wedding video captured the day beautifully!"
-Kayla R.


We tell stories of people in love! AIMSHIR Productions is a videography and photography company based in -- but not limited to Michigan. We produce cinematic films for wedding couples and corporate clients. Our team is made up of passionate storytellers and skilled craftsmen. (Our name, Aimshir, is based on the Irish word for time and weather. Such as, "Is maith an scéalaí an aimsir." Meaning: "Time is a good storyteller.") 



Daniel F.

Filmmaker / Editor

Ethan K.


Phil VE.

Graphics / Editor

Daniel VB.

Filmmaker / Audio Tech

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