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We place a strong focus on the story - your story to be specific. Whether you fell in love on your fifteenth date, were introduced through mutual friends, or happen to be high school sweethearts, your story is special and wonderful! This is the greatest day of your life. So much planning and energy went into putting it together. Relive the emotions from walking down the aisle, the heartfelt speeches, and that first dance you rehearsed for weeks.

We are camera ninjas! For most of the day, you won't even notice us there capturing all those little candid moments you missed the first time. The entire team has a passion for capturing the heart of each wedding! Each couple is unique and we seek out those special quirks to personalize every video. We want to hear your story!





"They did a wonderful job the day of the wedding! So professional! You didn’t even realize they were there (in a good way!). We also got our video back pretty soon after the wedding. We loved it! Couldn't stop rewatching our highlight film!"

—  Dani + AJ



This beautiful film is to the length of one song.

Trailer Film

2-4 Minute Wedding Film

2 Filmmakers

8 Hours of Coverage

Aerial Drone Footage

Delivered via Online in 4K

Highlight Film

7-8 Minute Wedding Film

2 Filmmakers

10 Hours of Coverage

Aerial Drone Footage

Delivered via Online in 4K

Feature Film

10-12 Minute Wedding Film

2 Filmmakers

Full Day Coverage

Aerial Drone Footage

Delivered via Online in 4K

This film is tightly crafted without skipping any of the day's best moments.
This indepth film showcases your day, featuring the best speeches, dialogue and moments throughout the day.

Our short film collection start at $2500. Interested in having our team work with you? Tell us about your wedding!


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