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An Ever After Wedding at Hastings Michigan

These two are simply adorable together. The wedding of Kimi an Zac was set to bright a Michigan day. High energy and anticipation were all around throughout the morning as they approached the ceremony, leading to powerful first look down the aisle.

It is often observed that the girls have to start getting ready early in the day, while the guys get to relax. Kimi and Zac continued that tradition on their wedding. The bridesmaids got ready at Kimi's parent's lovely country house. The guys enjoyed a some splash time in the hotel pool. I think they were playing who could get the cameraman the most wet. haha The summer day was typically hot, so my clothes dried completely during the walk from the hotel entrance to the car.

The dances, the cake, the speeches, the energy; it was an amazing wedding day! I wish them many more amazing days to come.


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