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Christ-Centered Wedding // Leona Road, GR // Kiley + Brennan


Kiley and Brennan had their exciting wedding on May 1st at the lovely venue Leona Road in Grand Rapids! I knew I was in for a fun day when I saw that all the groomsmen grew out a mustache for the occasion. Kiley and Brennan were unable to hold back their excitement during their first look. It was adorable when they finally embraced in each other's arms. They are such a sweet couple! The bridal party was massive, so we needed a lot of space for pictures. We took them to John Ball Zoo and we were lucky with the time of the season. We had a soft overcast and the trees were in bloom. Christ was the center of their marriage with a time of worship during the ceremony. Their vows to each other were touching and heartfelt. Following the declaration of marriage, the groomsmen swarmed around Brennan in congratulations, as the crowd cheered. The rest of the night was a joyous celebration! Congrats Brennan and Kiley on your future adventures!

Videographer // Aimshir Productions

Photographer // Jenna Borst Photography

DJ // Yon Butcher, Party in a box

Venue // Leona Road, Grand Rapids

Music // Pieces by Amanda Lindsay


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