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Elegant Wedding | Glass House Creative Community | Anna + Lucas

We heard the story of how Anna and Lucas met when he helped her move a couch with his truck and how could we not find it adorable. When these two are together, they light up the place! Anna get ready at her parents house, where between filming hair & makeup, we got to pet an adorable and friendly dog. We then drove to the Glass House Creative Community in Zeeland, a gorgeous newish venue. Surrounding the titular greenhouse were the sounds of nature, barn animals, lovely greens. It was a beautiful summer day for a wedding. There was no shortage of pretty things to film here. It's here that we met up with Lucas who was getting dressed in one of the guest houses with the rest of the groomsmen. Inside, he read a letter from Anna. And inside the main house, Anna read her letter from Lucas, shedding some tears as the big moment to see each became only a few minutes away.

Their first look was tender and sweet. Anna approached Lucas from behind and with a light tap on the shoulder, Lucas turned around, his smile shining bright.

Coming to the ceremony, the tight space of the glasshouse meant our team was limited on where we could place our cameras, but it all worked out excellent. When they took communion behind the glasshouse, our third camera was free to run over and capture the moment in its entirety. The violin is my favorite instrument, so it brings me immense joy whenever its sound graces a wedding during the processional.

The reception was elegant as could be! Comfortable seats and rugs under tents. Hanging lights and sweet aromas. and Anna and Lucas's best man, maid of honor, and parents gave their toasts as the sun was beginning to set. We adore live music. Anna and Lucas had their first dance to a friend singing and playing the guitar. It felt very intimate and special.

The rest of the evening was a relaxing celebration of their new marriage. They danced away the remaining daylight in the Glasshouse. And when that was gone, the party didn't stop; they brought out the glow wands. Finally, they had a sparkler send-off.

Music in Film "Turn Around" by Caleb Etheridge_Soundstripe "Beyond Forever" by Sounds Like Sander_Soundstripe


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