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Fun & Emotional Wedding // Baker Lofts Events, Holland // Abbie + Marquise

Such an exciting day! Their wedding was beautiful, emotional, and super fun! Congrats Abbie and Marquise! Before the ceremony, they did a first touch around a corner. Barely able to hold back tears, they exchanged letters. And when they finally saw each as Abbie walked down the aisle, it was so exciting to see the emotion on both their faces. Afterward, we took the bridal party over to a nearby park in heart of Holland, MI where they all proceeded to goof off, laugh, and enjoy their special day! They all had so much fun! The reception was wild fun, too, with a surprise guest appearance to top the night off. Abbie and Marquise's family and friends offered a lot of advice for the newlyweds. Cheers!

Videographer // Aimshir Productions

Photographer // Taylor Ingles Photography

Venue // Baker Lofts Events

Music // Love Like This by Centerpiece


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