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High School Sweethearts | Lakeside Wedding at The Homestead

Overlooking Lake Michigan, Elle and Luke married on a perfect summer day at the lovely Homestead Resort in Glen Arbor, Michigan. They started dating in high school, and continued through college, despite the distance. Elle soon transferred to Michigan State to be closer to Luke, much to his excitement! They took a trip to Traverse City to a scene much like where they would eventually marry, where Luke dropped to one knee and proposed.

We arrived at the Homestead as Elle was having her make-up put on at the on-location salon. Meanwhile, Luke was giddy all morning and afternoon as he awaited his first look down the aisle at Elle. The wedding party rode a chair-lift up the top of the mountain (or at least, as close to a mountain as you can get in Michigan). Overlooking Lake Michigan atop the hill with a string trio, Luke immediately when to embrace Elle, before being reminded, "Not yet!" Laughing, he went back into position, where he stood, not taking his eyes off the woman he was marrying while the officiant gave his introduction and then finally cued Luke, "Now you may go".

By the time the reception rolled around, we were all slightly behind schedule, but thankfully the folks at the Homestead knew how to get the time back on track. In the middle of the reception we pulled aside Elle and Luke for a sunset session by the beach, where we got some truly magical shots! The photographer, also named Luke, had shot weddings here previously, so he knew all the best locations. This stands as one of my favorite weddings this season!

Venue: The Homestead, Glen Arbor, MI

Photographer: Dan Steward Photography

Cinematographer: Aimshir Productions

Music in Film

"A Beautiful Dream" by Shimmer_Soundstripe

"Don't Wake Me Up" by Josh Leake_Artlist

"Making Me (Alternative Version)" by Vic Davi_Artlist

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