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My Dream Come True | Grand Rapids Wedding

Such a classy couple! They were so energetic and fun to be around. It was easy to forget we were even shooting a wedding, because Adam and Jade were so down to earth. They were so thoroughly enjoying their wedding. Their absolute love for each other was apparent to all who came to witness their emotional vows.

The amazing venue, The Cheney Place did a lot of heavy lifting with no shortage of backdrops and ambiance. With the color palette already carefully thought out, we could focus on posing the stunning Adam and Jade in some Vogue inspired shots.

Also, this was my third wedding of this week, so I was fully locked into the wedding filmmaking zone. haha

Venue: The Cheney Place

Photography: Cassidy Espinoza

DJ: Party In a Box DJ

Music used in Film:

Stronger by Alterego_ Soundstripe

Echo (Remix Version) by Divine Attraction_Artlist


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