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Beautiful Bilingual Wedding

I met Nate years ago in college. We were both in the film department and have worked on several projects together during our time there. He also shoots wedding as part of his own production company, so when he was engaged, people would jokingly ask if he would film his own wedding. Thankfully, he didn’t have to worry about such logistics, because when he asked me to do it, I was thrilled to do.

His (now) wife Ana, I really didn’t get to know until after the wedding during weekly volleyball with friends. Of course Nate and Ana also met at college while they were both RA’s of the dorms. That led to dating, and that led to this awesome day! They had a beautiful bilingual ceremony with an officiant for English and another for Spanish. Yet, it didn't slow the day at all. As Nate and Ana's eyes locked, their emotional vows to each other were enhanced by the dual languages.

Ana's Mexican heritage was a welcome addition to the festivities! It’s really exciting to experience diverse traditions, which seem to be rare in the 'ol mitten. I’ve seen the shoe game, corn hole, but “La Vibora De La Mar” is now officially the best wedding game! It's the bride and groom vs EVERYONE!

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